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Las Vegas Palm Tree Pros is your one-stop-shop for all of your palm tree trimming or pruning needs.  We are the experts in the southern Nevada area and are happy to provide service to Mesquite, Laughlin, and Boulder City as well.  We provide excellent service and can handle all palm tree trimming jobs.  There is no palm tree trim job that is too big or too small.

We pride ourselves in safety and efficiency and will make sure that we will conduct our activities as to not endanger our staff or the public who are affected by our trimming activities.  With decades of experience, Las Vegas Palm Tree Pros brings the latest equipment to trim the palm trees, make sure the job is done correctly and in a timely matter, and clean up the area as if we were never there.  Whether we manually climb the palm tree to trim it or use our fleet of cranes to reach the tallest of tall palm trees, Las Vegas Palm Tree Pros has the job covered.

We’ve developed a reputation here in Las Vegas as being prompt, efficient, and affordable.  From palm trees to pine trees and everything in between, we are your experts for trimming, pruning, removing, transplanting, or even planting new palm trees.  We are happy to go over all jobs prior to scheduling and answer any and all of your questions regarding the palm tree trimming process.

We provide service to the Southern Nevada area and can do palm tree trimming and tree removal jobs from small residential areas all the way to large communities and even the hospitality industry.  We provide annual contracts for Home Owner Associations and Hotels as well and would be happy to provide an estimate at your request for all of your palm tree trimming needs.  And if you need tree removal in Las Vegas, we can do that too! Our staff is fast and friendly and always on time.  Schedule your appointment now by calling our professional, knowledgeable staff and get your quote now.  702-381-9315.

Palm tree trimming, also known as pruning, is a procedure that should be done at least once or twice per year mostly depending on your climate and how fast your palm tree grows.  You can see when a palm tree requires a trim as the branches that are old will turn brown and die. New palm tree branches will grow as the oldest ones die so it is important to remove the dead fronds to make way for the new growth.  During the palm tree trimming or pruning process, dead palm tree leaves, called fronds, are removed from the palm tree.  This will prevent the palm tree from getting damaged and diseased and prevent insects. You can also visit our About page for more information.

By trimming your palm tree, you also expose the growth area of the palm tree to allow more sunlight, which will enhance the growth, as well as help, keep it free from disease and insects.  While trimming the palm tree, the goal should be to only remove flowers, fruits and any dead fronds or fronds that are endangering a structure or power source.  Removing unnecessary items can cause the palm tree to stress or even die.  By taking careful steps in analyzing the palm tree, Las Vegas Palm Tree Pros ensure that your palms will be given the best care and live a long and healthy life.

You can really add value to your property by keeping your palm trees trimmed and shaped.  It really does show that your property is well maintained.  Trimming palm trees is not an easy task and that is why Las Vegas Palm Tree Pros will take care of all of the hassles and ensure that all the palm trees will look beautiful and present a neat and tidy appearance to your landscape area.

If you have palm trees near or next to a pool, it is extremely important to chemical breakdown of the pool to keep the palm trees trimmed consistently.  When the palm tree fronds start to die, they release a tiny white flower like substance and even some smaller fruits, which can make its way to your pool.  When that happens it can throw off the chemical balance in the pool and can cause many problems for the pool and filters.  Those items released by the palm trees affect the acid levels in the chemicals of the pool and can be the cause of algae to grow in the pool.  By keeping all palm trees trimmed can help avoid any problems for your pool and keep your area nice and clean. Contact us today!

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