About Us

Well, where do I start?  I'm a Las Vegas native.  Yep. Born and raised here.  And I went to college here too. (Go Rebels!).  And now, I'm raising my kids here.  So, of all things to have, I have a degree in marketing.  But, I was looking for work early on and found that I loved working on Palm Trees.  Little daredevil in me I suppose.  The heights were no big deal and I loved seeing beautiful work on these majestic plants.

So, I stayed with palm trimming for other people until I was prepared to be an entrepreneur and create my own company.  Same love for doing great work. Same love for the palms. But now, I have a small crew of professionals that enjoy working alongside me as we sing stupid songs and do great looking trimming.

Well, I don't have much more to say.  I really am passionate about the work we do and I will always do my best to make you excited that you chose Las Vegas Palm Tree trimming or if needed, removal.

Visit our Contact page or give us a call. Kari usually answers the office phone. You'll like her. She's great at making sure everything gets scheduled correctly and that all our clients are happy.  Past that, she also keeps all the guys on the team inline.


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