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(Not just palms - but we're really good at those too.)

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Our tree removal service here at Las Vegas Palm Tree Pros is one of our specialties.  We can remove the smallest tree all the way to the giant tree.  We can provide our tree removal service for your smaller residential project up to the largest commercial jobs as well.  We specialize in the removal of palm trees, pine trees, and any other tree or shrub that needs to be dealt with.

We take tree removal service with great caution.  Each tree removal is highly assessed by our professional team to provide the best tree removal experience available.  We ensure that the area is clear so that our staff or the general public nearby is never in harm's way.  Once the tree removal has been accomplished, we are extremely efficient in removing excess branches and all parts of the tree that was removed.  Las Vegas Palm Tree Pros also provides stub and root removal so that the remains of the tree that were removed is totally gone.

There are several reasons that you would want to remove a tree.  Here in Las Vegas, the summers get extremely hot and if the water supply to a mature tree is cut off even for a short period of time, it is most likely that the tree will die.  In some cases, we would be able to trim off dead branches and do injections to attempt to save the tree.  Most likely, the tree will have to be removed.

Other reasons for a tree to be removed from a specific area would be that it was going to potentially cause an issue to either a structure or some source of power.  Trees also get funguses and diseases that often can spread to other trees in the area.  Las Vegas Palm Tree Pros has the most educated staff to identify if trees have a fungus or any other disease that would be harmful to other trees in the area.  Another reason to remove trees would be due to insect infiltration.  Typically, once a tree is taken over by either bee or other insects, it is very hard to treat that tree and the tree becomes extremely fragile at that point.  Most likely, the best remedy would be to remove the tree.

Sometimes it is unfortunate, but here in Las Vegas, we do get very strong storms.  Especially, in the summer months when the monsoon season arrives.  Las Vegas Palm Tree Pros are always available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week for your emergency tree removal necessities.  Don’t hesitate to call us as soon as you see your tree in stress or if has already been blown down.  Las Vegas Tree Pros are here to help.

Another option for an old tree would be to “top” the tree.  This would be to cut off the larger part of the tree and branches so that it would not be a danger in a high wind or storm.  Taking the weight of the larger tree branches would make it so the tree would have less chance of being blown over in a heavy storm.

If you have a tree that has already been removed sometime in the past, you may want to have the stump and roots removed as well so that you can make better use of your area.  We are available to perform the stump removal and root removal process as well. We're not just Las Vegas best tree trimming service.

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